Eric Miller

Eric-yesphxI am an engineer and small business owner based in Phoenix, Arizona. Most of my career has been spent using, selling, and supporting the advanced computer-based software and hardware that mechanical engineers use to design and manufacture products.

As co-owner of a small business, PADT, Inc, I oversee the publishing of our newsletter for users of ANSYS Simulation software tools called “The Focus.” When blogging came along the newsletter transformed into a blog,, which sees an average of 50,000 visits a month. I have contributed over 500 posts to “The Focus” since its launch in 2010.

I am also a weekly guest blogger for The Phoenix Business Journal with over 100 posts on topics related to technology, startups, and running a small business. Regular contributions to other industry magazines and local business publications make up the remainder of my work-related writing. Often times I am also asked to speak at events on the topics I write about.

eric-padt-logo-shirt-sign2Most of my workday is spent running, with two partners, an 80 person engineering firm focused on providing products and services for simulation, product development, and 3D Printing.

I am honored to serve on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Technology Council and on the Board of Advisors of BioAccel. In addition, I sit on the Screening Committee of the Arizona Technology Investors. In 2016 I was humbled to be selected as one of the areas “Most Admired Leaders” by the Phoenix Business Journal.

Way back before all of that, I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from UC Berkeley in 1986. And before that, I was lucky enough to travel around the world as the son of a US Air Force fighter pilot.

When not working or writing, my joys include travel, cooking, running (slowly), and taking part as a mentor and investor in the growing Arizona startup community.

Connect with me on LinkedIn: emillerphx or visit the contact page to see how to get an email to me.