A Powerful Post: The Travel Story

pexels-photo-421655.jpegThe key to driving readers to your company blog, and then engaging them, is to provide them with content they find useful or interesting. That is why publishing how-to’s, tutorials, and explanations on topics relevant to your business are so effective.  Another option came to my attention when we posted something we had not done in a while on the blog for my business.  It was a summary of a trip that one of our engineers took to the sales kickoff meeting for a product line we sell, Stratasys 3D Printers, and that he supports.

Based on the immediate response on social media, it was very popular. Visit tracking verifies that it got more views than normal in the first couple of days it was posted. When you have a community built up around your company and, in the case, around the products you represent, then that community wants to be part of the overall experience. They did not get to go to the sales meeting, or maybe the user meeting.  However, by reading a post by you or one of your employees, they can be part of what is going on.

james-blog-miami.PNGJames is a great example of the ideal company non-blogger who blogs.  Take some time to review his post. He is not trying too hard, he is just being himself and sharing his experience.  When he found something interesting, he shared that event with his readers.  He had pictures of himself and other people at the event, and of key information that he learned. He also included an “iconic” landscape image of the location to allow the reader to hang a point of reference on. And, most importantly, he subtly promoted our company and the product.  He talked about meeting the founder of the company, about a fantastic customer case study that resonated with him, and presented an overall positive impression. Then at the end, he made it personal by mentioning that he and his wife played tourist after. This was with no coaching from me or anyone else who works on our blog.

padt-stratasys-kickoff2018-f05So think about your business and what travel your employees do.  Maybe it is a trip to visit a key customer if you have permission to talk about them.  Perhaps a team went to some training by a supplier.  Maybe you had a team building retreat.  Snap a few pictures on your phone, write an informal summary, and you will have a popular post that improves your brand and strengthens your customer community.

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