Should you do a Business Blog?

Your sitting in your monthly marketing update and someone says it: “We need a blog!”  “Yes!” “A blog is a great way to get our word out!” The task gets assigned, you buy your copy of “Better Blogging for Your Business” and you start developing your goals and content ideas.

However, should you do a business blog?  The answer is probably yes, but if you don’t answer it honestly, you are not off to a good start.  Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you are ready for your journey.

thumbsupIs your Company Committed to a Blog?

Commitment from management and employees is critical.  If you, or maybe you and a couple of co-workers are committed, that is a great start.  But you need backing because starting a blog is a long-term relationship.  Creating and publishing good content takes time and effort.  It is well worth the time, but fighting for priority will wear you down.

Are People Interested in Content About your Industry and Company?

This is a hard question to answer without being brutally honest.  You may think what you do is fascinating, but if your customers and prospects are not interested a blog may not be a good idea. I’ll pick on title companies.  They search documents to make sure the seller of a piece of property is the actual owner and there are no liens or lawsuits out there.  Not very exciting. And let’s be honest, even though people need to know what a title company does, beyond that initial explanation there is not much value to knowing more.  The audience is pretty limited, banks and/or realtors. But they don’t really need to know much about what title companies do either.

Are Words and Pictures a good Medium for Your Industry and Company?

Startup Stock PhotosIn some cases, you may be in an industry where words and pictures are just not your best way to share content.  Would a pod-cast be better? Maybe videos?  Simple ads? Think about what the blog would look like in three years.  Will there be good text and pictures?

Is Blogging the Best Use of Your Limited Marketing Resources?

Unless your company’s marketing efforts are well funded, you probably have a limited budget and people. So you have to make decisions on where you spend your time and money.  Blogging can be a very cost-effective way to get on the web and start interacting with your customers.  But make sure you are investing in social media and standard advertising at the right level as well.

Yes, Do it!

For most companies, the answers to all of these questions will be “yes.” The most difficult one to get that “yes” on is a commitment from your company.  Focus on securing that, and you should be good to go.

So what is holding you back?  All those yes’s means its time to get that copy of Better Blogging for Your Business and get started.


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